Van Halen Fans Plagued By Hoaxes

Have you heard the latest on Van Halen? If you think you have, chances are you still haven't.

Avid VH fans have been receiving a steady stream of information regarding their favorite band, but unfortunately, it's mostly creative fiction. While there are elements of truth to the rumors swarming around the group regarding the return of original vocalist David Lee Roth as well as other future Van Halen plans, the vast majority of the information is false.

The most popular rumor has been that with the departure of the third Van Halen singer Gary Cherone in November, the band has rehired Roth for the second time.

While sources close to band confirm that Roth and Van Halen are currently working together, they caution that the two parties are only leisurely exploring a relationship and aren't about to make any moves until they're completely sure it will work. The group logically wants to avoid a repeat of its previous attempt at a Roth reunion when an appearance at the 1996

MTV Video Music Awards ended in a backstage row.

Little else with regard to the reports and speculation surrounding the reunion is true, however, and most can be traced back to one or more hoaxsters.

Complicating the issue to a huge extent is Van Halen's unwavering policy of not confirming or denying the rumors, thus creating the perfect climate for such items to flourish. The only confirmed report from the Van Halen camp itself has been courtesy of bassist Michael Anthony, who was interviewed in a fan club newsletter last December. The interview proved to be legitimate, although it was subsequently pulled out of circulation by band officials.

Anthony, who attributed the departure of "Van Halen 3" vocalist Gary Cherone to "writing differences," told the publication that the group would like to work with Roth. "We really have to think this one out whether we will get a new singer," Anthony told the publication. "I don't know if that would be the correct thing to do, at this

point...whether we can settle differences with Sammy or come back with a reunion tour with Dave.

"I think Dave would probably come back," he continued. "The reasons why it didn't work out after the 'Best Of' were kind of silly reasons. Mostly on Dave's part. I'd like everything to work out with a big new tour."

Elsewhere in the official arena, according to McNeice, Van Halen tour manager Scotty Ross made a rare call early this month to deny the story and stated that there was no truth to the article, and in fact there was nothing to report from the band at all.

A similar sentiment was expressed by the group's lawyer to MTV News: "If and when there is something to announce, the band will announce it."

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