TLC's Touring Future Questioned

The future of TLC as a touring act was thrown into question this week when the Associated Press reported that Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins has announced that she won't be touring anymore due to her ongoing battle with sickle cell anemia.

T-Boz, who is pregnant, has been hospitalized several times because of the chronic blood disease and reportedly says that she made her decision to quit touring after TLC taped a pay-per-view special at the end of their 2000 "Fanmail" tour. According to the AP, T-Boz says she barely finished the performance and went directly from the stage to the hospital.

A spokesman for LaFace Records refutes the AP story and says that TLC will tour again.

Exactly one year ago, T-Boz appeared at the "Fanmail" tour press conference and explained how sickle cell anemia affects her life.

"With my disease, a lot of things can trigger a crisis," T-Boz said at the time. "Stress,

my diet, the things I choose to eat, which I haven't done right in the past, but I'm getting better on that. My exercise is an issue, and yes, it does tire you out and tire you down, so I have to keep on my diet and get some rest when I can. My stress factor is a must. I have to keep my stress low, which is hard in this business, but I do manage." [RealVideo]

The disease, which afflicts one out of every 400 African Americans, isn't keeping T-Boz out of the studio, though. Her solo single "My Getaway" appears on the movie soundtrack for "Rugrats In Paris," due out in November.