Third Eye Blind Really Wants To Direct

Fresh from the success of "Semi-Charmed Life" and "How's It Going To Be," Third Eye Blind recently unveiled it's newest entry in the modern rock sweepstakes, "Losing A Whole Year."

The band went the traditional route with a slick, well-manicured video for the track (which recently started popping up on MTV), and were toying with the idea of a more lo- fi clip for the track when we caught up with them a month ago.

"We're actually doing two videos for 'Losing A Whole Year,'" Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins told MTV News at the time. "Touring this year, we all got these little mini cameras that we've been taking around and recording just what life is like on the road, so we made this little video that's based on live clips. The idea is sort of losing a whole year on the road, [600k QuickTime] and then we're also doing this big conceptual video."

That "big conceptual video" is the one getting airplay now,

but a spokesperson for Third Eye Blind's record label, Elektra, says that the band's home video footage will not be cut together for another version of "Losing A Whole Year," but saved for an as-yet-undetermined future project.

While the band's first foray into do-it-yourself video-making didn't quite work out, it is something the group hopes to become increasingly involved in.

"People don't realize what a huge event it is to make a video," Jenkins said. "It's not a process that we've been able to get control over yet, and that's really what we're used to doing. When we moved from being this underground band in San Francisco up to making a record for a big record label, one of the things that was very much understood is that what you see with the four of us is what you get. We control everything with Third Eye Blind, and we haven't really gotten that control yet with the video process, so that's been something that's

made us a little bit uneasy, [650k QuickTime] but it's also one thing that we're moving into as well. We always have a good time making videos. It's fun."

For now, the band will continue to find its kicks on the road as this week marks (ironically enough) the band's one-year anniversary of non-stop touring. The group will get a rest from the road when May rolls around.