Janeane Garofalo To Help Out Superchunk

July 17 [14:00 EDT] -- Not quite content with her new role as host of MTV's "Indie-Outing," comedienne Janeane Garofalo will soon appear in a video of her own.

Garofalo and comedian David Cross (of the inspired HBO sketch comedy series, "Mr. Show") will lend a hand to North Carolina's Superchunk by appearing in the indie group's next video.

The two will be in Queens, New York this Sunday and Monday for the shoot for the track "Watery Hands" form the band's eighth album, "Indoor Living."

A Superchunk spokesperson says Garofalo and Cross, both fans of Superchunk, play artsy video directors who take a creative approach to making a video for the band. The two will join the growing list of comedians who can be spotted in music videos.

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video cameos, who can also be spotted in recent clips by Weezer and Beck.