Howard Stern Faithful Line Streets Of New York

Feb. 25 [17:00 EST] -- Howard Stern devotees began lining the streets of Manhattan as early as 11 p.m. Monday night for a chance to purchase tickets Tuesday morning for the premiere of the shock jock's biopic, "Private Parts."

Hundreds of Stern's loyal followers braved sub-freezing temperatures and converged on the HMV Records Store at the corner of 34th and Broadway for their chance to be among the first to see the film when it debuts at New York's Paramount Theater on Thursday.

So what is it about Howard that moves the masses to such extreme behaviors? We took to the streets to find out...

MTV: How long have you been here? Lyle: Got here at 12:00 [midnight]. MTV: Why would you come out here for so long?

Lyle: I'm a huge Howard fan, and I would do anything for the show. MTV: Why are you such a fan of him? Lyle: It's not just him, it's the whole atmosphere of the show. Jackie with his jokes... Fred with his sound effects.


it were colder than it already is would you still come out here? Lyle: I would come out here if there was three feet of snow, and it was twenty below zero.

MTV: How long have you been out here? Melrose Larry Green: Since midnight. MTV: Where have you come from? Melrose: I flew in from L.A. MTV: I heard you've been on the air. Melrose: I have been on the air. I don't get enough air time. MTV: Anything happen that was interesting, while you were on line? Melrose: Some guy ripped off my pants.

MTV: How long have you been out here? Rob: Three hours. MTV: Have you seen anybody famous out here? Rob: I saw a porno star, and Weird Al. MTV: What are you doing to combat the cold weather? Rob: Rubbing up against each other.

MTV: Why are you not on line? Did you get your tickets already? Emilio: (the man who was going to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge until Howard talked him out of it): I didn't make it. The line is too long. MTV: Why are you such a Howard

fan. Emilio: He entertains me, and he saved my life. MTV: What did Howard say to you while you were on the bridge? Emilio: He said I couldn't jump until I saw his movie.

You can catch full coverage of the premiere (without braving the cold weather) by tuning in to MTV's "Howard Stern's Private Parts Private Party" on Thursday at 9 p.m. and again at 12:30 and 3:30 p.m. on our "Howard Stern Saturday."