Stern Talks About Chart-Topping Soundtrack

March 7 [10:00 EST] -- You may or may not agree with Howard Stern when he calls himself "King Of All Media," but give the man his due: the shock-radio star has had a best-selling book with his autobiography "Private Parts."

That led to a movie opening Friday, that's gotten the best test-screening response in Paramount Pictures history.

And now comes word that on Monday the "Private Parts" soundtrack will enter the Billboard pop albums chart at number one, having sold 178,000 copies its first week of release.

That's 27,000 more than the "Gridlock'd" soundtrack did in its first week, and 44,000 more than the Whitney Houston "Bodyguard" soundtrack in its first week.

"First of all, I'm into new music," Stern told us of the soundtrack. "A lot of the soundtrack is classic tunes. I took some of my favorite classic tunes. I put about five classic tunes on there, some Ramones, Cheap Trick, AC/DC who appears in the film. I took some

of my favorites that I played throughout the years... and then we generated a whole bunch of new material. The Porno For Pyros track, and some people are calling it Porno For Peppers or the Jane's Addiction reunion, whatever it is, but it's Perry back with Dave Navarro and Flea is in there. So, it's this neat kind of reunion if you will that we got out of the soundtrack."

The "Private Parts" soundtrack also includes Stern with Rob Zombie, and with Beck's producers the Dust Brothers, as well as Ozzy Osbourne with Type O Negative, Green Day, and Marilyn Manson.