Spineshank Readies Film, Video, Album

After dropping off the Tattoo The Earth tour earlier this summer, the men of Spineshank have been mighty busy wrapping up a new album and stepping in front of the cameras.

Spineshank's sophomore effort, "The Height Of Callousness," will hit stores on October 10, and the band will team with director Nathan Cox (Disturbed, Coal Chamber) this weekend to shoot the clip for the first single, "Synthetic." The video is said to feature a "futuristic pod" that houses a mad scientist and his equally mad laboratory.

The shoot will be the band's second of late, having wrapped filming on an upcoming Lou Diamond Phillips movie earlier this week. The L.A. outfit plays the house band in "Knight Club," according to Roadrunner Records.

These undertakings, as well as rehearsals for their upcoming tour in support of "The Height Of Callousness," prompted the band to leave the Tattoo The Earth trek, according to Roadrunner. Spineshank is now focused on the daunting task of bringing

what label reps are calling the more "technologically advanced" sound of "The Height Of Callousness" to the road this fall.

For the follow-up to 1998's "Strictly Diesel," the band turned to producer Gggarth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Kittie), who worked with the band in a Vancouver studio before Scott Humphrey (Rob Zombie, Methods Of Mayhem) came on board to mix the album.