Silverchair Waves Good-Bye To Label

Aussie rock trio Silverchair announced on Tuesday that its multinational contract with Sony Music has expired and that the band does not intend to renew.

In a statement posted on the band's official Web site, the group's manager stated, "The company was unable to give the band the kind of future controls over their music which other labels are offering, so it was simply time to move on."

The band had been with Sony Music for the past six years; the group's albums were released on Sony's Epic Records label in the U.S.

A spokesperson for Epic confirmed that the band had left the label and declined to comment at press time.

The manager's online statement did not indicate which label the band would be moving to and promised an announcement within four weeks.

Silverchair has been on an extended leave since wrapping up its "Neon Ballroom" touring cycle last December. The bandmembers, most notably chief writer Daniel Johns, have only

recently started working on songs for a new Silverchair album which they intend to record next year.

As previously reported by MTV News (see "Silverchair, Chili Peppers To Rock In Rio"), the group will be reconvening for a live performance at Brazil's Rock In Rio festival in January.