Shyne Looks To Streets For Debut Album

If any press is good press, then Shyne doesn't have a thing to worry about as his debut album hits stores this week.

The Bad Boy Records rapper gained a certain amount of infamy late last year when cops grabbed him (as well as Bad Boy chief Sean "Puffy" Combs) after a shooting at a New York nightclub. The incident generated countless headlines (as well as charges of attempted murder) for Shyne, and apparently gave the rapper that much more lyrical ammo for his debut album.

A few who have gotten to know Shyne's sound note (somewhat derisively) that his style bears a remarkable resemblance to the late Notorious B.I.G. Fellow Puffy protege Lil' Kim even takes the young rapper to task on her "The Notorious K.I.M." album for sounding like Biggie.

The rapper hopes to shake those charges by making a name of his own, and he took an early step toward that in Brooklyn last weekend by shooting a video for "That's Gangsta."

Whether the Biggie issue or Shyne's

ongoing legal troubles (prosecutors continue to bring their attempted murder case against him) will dent the man who was once the hottest unsigned property in hip-hop will become clearer this week when Shyne's debut album hits stores.