Savage Garden Promise To Keep The Hits Coming

April 21 [16:00 EST] --The Australian pop outfit Savage Garden is currently climbing the "Billboard" singles chart with their hit "I Want You," which pauses at number six on this week's countdown.

With the rapid rise of the tune, you might think the band will disappear when the song vanishes from radio, but recently the duo of Daniel Jones and Darren Hayes told MTV News that they had a few more cards up their collective sleeve.

"There are so many layers, and I guess we've seen it happen a little bit in our country. You've got one song, and we're really proud of that song," vocalist Darren Hayes told MTV News. "We love it, and that's one part of it. Then the next single is something else, then the album's something else, and it'll certainly make sense."[Quicktime, 1 MB]

Hayes doesn't seem to worried about being able to craft another hit, as this one seemed

to come naturally to him.

"Once I had all the syllables, because melody comes to me and it's all incoherent, it's all syllables and melody to me," Hayes said. "Once that was there, it was then that the lyrics just cemented in."[Quicktime, 800 K]

You can follow the band's chart course yourself, right here at MTV News Online.