Reel Big Fish Sounds Off On Stage-Diving

August 22 [7:55 EDT] -- The Cali ska band Reel Big Fish walked off stage in mid-set during a Warped tour show in New Jersey recently because the group felt too many fans were getting hurt moshing.

While moshing and stage diving were a standard feature at most Warped stops, the band says it's an aspect of modern concert behavior they can do without.

"We don't like stage diving and half the time people, when people come up and dance on stage with us, they end up knocking over half of our mics," Fish trumpeter Tavis Werts told MTV News.

"There's a lot of us on stage," guitarist/vocalist Aaron Barret noted.

"(They're) running into the bells we play and tearing our lip in half," Werts added.

"The whole crowd-surfing, stage-diving thing is just... I'm sick of seeing the I-just-got-kicked-in-the-head face... It just bums us out when we're playing... It's like, 'Oh god that sucks.' That's why we're always yelling at you kids.

You're hurting each other. Be nice," [800k QuickTime] Barret concluded.

The band has since wrapped up its Warped experience, and will now launch its own tour on Saturday with a show at the Hollywood Paladium that will in part be a benefit for the Children's Hospital of Orange County (RBF's home turf).

Fans can also catch Reel Big Fish covering "Hungry Like Wolf" on an upcoming Duran Duran tribute album. The collection, which will also feature tracks from Goldfinger, the Deftones, and the esteemed ABBA revival group Bjorn Again, will arrive on October 7.