Reel Big Fish Land Deal After Going Gold

September 25 [16:00 EDT] -- So how do you celebrate when you find out that your album just went gold?

If you're Reel Big Fish, you sign a record deal with the folks who helped you get there.

When the band rolled into New York last week to play Irving Plaza, RBF celebrated its gold status after the show by finally inking a deal with Mojo Records, who released the band's debut, "Turn Off The Radio," last year without signing the band to a deal.

The band made it official in true lottery-winner fashion when they received an oversize check, which Mojo Record's president signed only as "Darth Vader." Mojo also noted on the check's memo line that the payment was "for selling out," allusion to the band top ten modern rock hit that has helped to spark sales of the album.

The band had little time to celebrate as they have a heavy slate of dates booked through October with MXPX and Save Ferris. After wrapping up this leg of touring, the band will head back to its native

California to shoot a video for its next single, "She Has A Girlfriend Now."