Rage Against The Machine Speaks About New Album As Pro-Life Forces Bash Band

While fans of Rage Against The Machine are gearing up for the release of the band's new album next month, opponents of the outspoken rock outfit are lining up as well.

This week the anti-abortion organization Rock For Life called for a boycott of Rage, calling the band's music "hateful propaganda."

"These guys support baby killing and hate Christians," Rock For Life director Erik Whittington said in a statement released this week. His organization points to the band's endorsement of the written works of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Friedrich Nietzche, and death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal in calling on potential listeners to boycott the band's albums and concerts. (The band's recommended reading list also includes works by authors as diverse as John Steinbeck, Miles Davis, Andy Warhol, and Dr. Seuss.)

"We've had enough of violence, hate and death. Turn Rage Against the Machine off," Whittington urged in his statement.

Rock For Life also takes aim at the band's continued

support of groups like Rock For Choice and Refuse & Resist, which Whittington's group calls "anti-Christian." (For more on the various causes that Rage Against The Machine supports, check out the "Action" area of the band's official Web site at www.ratm.com.)

Spokespeople at Rage's record label, Epic Records, were unaware of the Rock For Life statement when contacted by MTV News on Wednesday and did not have a response from the band.

Controversy is nothing new to Rage, and the band is sure to soldier on as the November 2 release date for the band's "The Battle Of Los Angeles" album draws near. This time out, Rage once again treads on political lyrical soil, though the band promises a bit of a sonic evolution.

"Brendan O'Brien produced it," Rage drummer Brad Wilk told MTV News. "He played on it..."


it rocks," bassist Y Tim K (as he's currently calling himself) added. "There's no ballads."

"It has evolved quite a bit I think, more than from the first record to the second record definitely," Wilk said. "It has elements of both records, plus it's just evolved, grown musically, and I think it shows in this record. But it also still has a certain amount of simplicity to it, which I think is important in this music, definitely." [RealVideo]

Fans have been able to sample that evolution lately as the first single from Rage's upcoming album, "Guerilla Radio," recently arrived at radio stations across the country. The band will also roll out the track during a performance on "The Late Show With David Letterman" on November 2.