Warner Bros. Mines "Vault" For New Prince Album

To fulfill part of the contractual agreement that freed Prince from his label three years ago, Warner Bros. has announced plans to issue an album, entitled "The Vault … Old Friends 4 Sale," of material culled from the Artist's extensive catalog of unreleased tunes.

According to a report in "Billboard," the set will feature tunes Prince recorded between 1985 and 1994, and is expected to be released on August 24, with a radio single, "Extraordinary," due to drop two weeks earlier.

Other songs said to be included on "The Vault" are "Old Friends 4 Sale," which Prince's official website describes was taken from the "Parade" session, "5 Women," a song which Prince gave to Joe Cocker.

There will also be several songs, including "The Rest Of My Life" and "My Little Pill," which were taken from Prince's uncompleted and abandoned "I'll Do Anything" musical.