Primal Scream: New Meaning For Fan Hype

September 4 [16:30 EDT] -- August was a bad month for Britain's Primal Scream. The band has had to issue warnings to fans attending their concert in mid-August in Glasgow to check themselves for small puncture marks after a crazed concert-goer jabbed at least three people with a hypodermic needle. That month also saw the departure of drummer Paul Mulreany.

Now it seems that September is off on the wrong foot. The band has been compelled to cancel three concerts scheduled this weekend in deference to the late Princess Diana.

In related news, former Primal Scream DJ Kris Needs has been pegged to head up a dance label arm of Creation Records, home to Primal Scream and Oasis among others. The new offshoot will be called Eruption Records. The New Musical Express says the label is primarily for new artists but it may be used as an outlet for artists like Primal Scream to channel some of their more experimental music.