Elvis Goes Franchise

June 24 [10:00 EDT] -- It's actually suprising that it didn't happen sooner. Elvis Presley's Memphis, the first in a chain of restaurant/nightclubs planned by the Presley estate, opens July 25 on Beale Street in that city.

The food will be old-fashioned Southern-style cooking and the nightclub, they say, will feature the old blues and early rock that first influenced Elvis.

The decor will be pure Presley-photos, records and other Elvis memorabilia, velvet curtains, upholstered bar and even a pool table played by Presley and the Beatles. His widow, Priscilla Presley says it the kind of place where Elvis would have entertained his friends between road tours and movie shoots.

Expect to see similar venues in London, Honolulu, Las Vegas, New York, Berlin, Hong Kong and Tokyo.