Pet Shop Boys Score Victory In Libel Suit

The Pet Shop Boys got some good news this holiday season as the British duo reportedly accepted an undisclosed amount in its libel suit against author Roger Scruton.

According to Reuters, Scruton and publishers Gerald Duckworth agreed to pay the Boys' Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe an undisclosed amount on Tuesday bringing closure to the group's libel suit against them. At issue was Scruton's book "An Intelligent Person's Guide to Modern Culture," which Tennant and Lowe reportedly felt suggested they played a minimal role in writing their own material.

The duo's attorney told Reuters that a passage in the book that read, "Sometimes, as with the Spice Girls or the Pet Shop Boys, serious doubts arise as to whether the performers made more than a minimal contribution to the recording, which owes its trade mark to subsequent sound engineering, designed precisely to make it unrepeatable," prompted the group to file suit.

In addition to the damages, Reuters also reports that the

author and his publisher will pay the duo's legal costs.