Onyx New LP On The Way

Onyx are gearing up to release their third album. The multi-platinum selling rappers are returning from their two-year hiatus with the release of "Shut 'Em Down," according to our associates at MTV Radio.

Fredo Starr, Sticky Fingaz, and Sonee Seeza, in their self-titled single due out February 17, are joined by rapper DMX, which we reported last week is set to star in Hype Williams upcoming film, "Belly." Though Onyx's last LP, "All We Got Is Us," which was mostly self-produced, "Shut 'Em Down," features such producers as Self, Buddha, K-Love, and DJ Scratch of EPMD.

Members of Onyx have also hit the big screen since the release of "All We Got Is Us." Sticky and Fredo appeared in HBO's "Strapped" and Spike Lee's "Clockers." Sticky also had a role in the Vietnam/Bank Heist film "Dead Presidents" and Fredo starred in "Sunset Park" and been featured in two seasons of "Moesha" on UPN.

"Shut 'Em Down" will be released on March 17. For the impatient, here's the track


  • Raze It Up
  • Street Niggaz
  • Shut 'Em Down
  • Broke Willies
  • Love Of Money
  • Face Down
  • I Don't Wanna Dic
  • Ghetto Starz
  • React
  • Overshine
  • Black Dust
  • Veronica
  • Take That
  • The Worst (featuring Wu-Tang)
  • Conspiracy