Onyx's Fredro Starr Joins Usher For New Film

"Light It Up," the Craig Bolotin film that is being called an urban "Breakfast Club" meets "Taps," has already cast an R&B singer in a featured role, and now the production has added a rapper-turned-actor into the mix.

Fredro Starr, a member of the rap group Onyx, has been tapped to appear in the movie alongside pop vocalist Usher, Vanessa Williams and Forest Whitaker, according to "Variety" magazine. "Light It Up" is scheduled to start shooting on location in Chicago next month.

The acting turn is nothing new for Starr, who made his small screen debut back in a pair of episodes of the NBC police drama "NYPD Blue" back in 1993, the same year that Onyx released its debut album, "Bacadafucup."

Previously, Starr has garnered movie roles in "Ride," "Sunset Park," "The Addiction" and "Clockers," and like Usher, Starr has also made guest appearances on Brandy's UPN television sitcom, "Moesha."