98 Degrees, Stevie Wonder Stay "True" For Disney

Motown recording artist 98 Degrees recently teamed up with music legend and pillar of the Motown sound, Stevie Wonder, to record "True to Your Heart" for Disney's new animated feature, "Mulan."

The song, which plays over the film's end credits and is the first single off the soundtrack, is described as a celebratory tune that captures the mood of the film's conclusion, a la Elton John's Oscar-winning "Circle of Life" for "The Lion King."

The film features the vocal talents of Eddie Murphy, Ming Na-Wen, Donny Osmond and Pat Morita. It retells a story from Chinese folklore where a young maiden disguises herself as a male and takes the place of her weakened father in the military, which is subsequently called up to fight an invading Mongol horde.

"Mulan," Disney's 36th full-length animated film, arrives in theaters on June 19.