Naughty By Nature Brings Back The Love

Hip-hop veterans Naughty By Nature currently own the number 5 single in the country with "Jamboree," the latest cut from their "Nineteen-Naughty Nine: Nature's Fury" album.

The song, which also features guest vocals from female R&B combo Zhane, continues Naughty's long string of party anthems, which has included "O.P.P.," "Hip-Hop Hooray," and "Feel Me Flow."

Naughty's Vinnie recently told the MTV Radio Network that "Jamboree" is part of the band's plan to bring fun back to hip-hop; and added that the their knack for writing catchy singles accounts for the group's nearly decade-long career.

"We gonna bring you this Naughty family vibe back," Vinnie said. "It's a lot of tension [in hip-hop today]. Well, it's getting a little better, but we want to bring that vibe back. Like we come out and we spread our love, man. Everybody gets a good vibe from us. I think that's part of our longevity,

too." [RealAudio]

Love has certainly been on the mind of Naughty's Treach, who officially tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Pepa (of Salt-N-Pepa) last month (see "Pepa And Treach Make It Official"). Pepa, by the way, also appears in the "Jamboree" video.

Naughty By Nature is currently on a tour that will see them performing at the Source Hip-Hop Awards on August 18.