'N Sync's Battle With Ex-Manager Heads To Court

Both sides are expected to be present on Wednesday as the battle between boy band 'N Sync and Trans Continental Media honcho Louis J. Pearlman enters an Orlando courtroom.

There, lawyers will argue before a judge regarding the $150 million dollar lawsuit filed against 'N Sync and the group's subsequent countersuit. Additional affidavits were drawn on Saturday by 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Lance Bass, who stated that Justin's mother, Lynn Harliss, was more responsible for creating 'N Sync than Pearlman. Bass also claims that only after 'N Sync hired a lawyer did they realize how "Big Poppa" Pearlman lied and cheated, "duping us into believing he was one of us."

The bold words come on the heels of a counterclaim filed earlier this month by 'N Sync's Joshua "J.C." Chasez who called Pearlman an "unscrupulous, greedy" businessman who "while hugging us and calling us 'family' was picking our pockets, robbing us of our future and even endangering our health"

(see "'N Sync Slams Ex-Manager As 'Unscrupulous, Greedy' In Legal Papers").

The Pearlman camp countered 'N Sync's cries of financial mistreatment on Monday with an affidavit stating that his Trans Continental Records shelled out over $13 million dollars to the band over the last two years.