'NSYNC Lines Up Release Dates In Wake Of Settlement

With their legal tussle with Trans Continental Media mogul Louis J. Pearlman now behind them, the boys of 'NSYNC have lined up release dates for a new single and new album.

As we first reported last month, 'NSYNC reached a settlement with Pearlman and BMG Entertainment, effectively putting aside the $150 million lawsuit that Pearlman and company had filed against the boy band (see "'NSYNC, Jive, BMG And Pearlman Settle Lawsuit").

Now the group is free to release its new album, "No Strings Attached," on Jive Records on March 7. The first salvo will arrive much sooner than that, when "Bye Bye Bye," the album's first single, hits radio on January 17 (the same night the group will debut the song on the American Music Awards). 'NSYNC will also aim for a bit of unconventional exposure when the group shoots an episode of "Sesame Street" next month.

Specifics of the settlement deal remain confidential, but Zomba Recording (which

owns the group's new label, Jive Records) agreed to extend its North American BMG Entertainment distribution deal for at least one year, and BMG will earn royalties on future 'NSYNC recordings. Meanwhile, the boy band retains the all-important control of the name '"NSYNC."