'NSYNC's Lance Injures Ankle On "SNL;" Claims French Toast Was Really His

It's been a very strange week for 'NSYNC.

The guys were on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, and while rehearsing a skit on Saturday, Lance Bass took a wrong step and may have broken his ankle.

Bass told MTV News' Brian McFayden that he felt something "go" in his ankle during the rehearsal of a "Seven Degrees Celsius" boy band spoof skit. Lance went on to perform on the show, and at press time the hobbling 'NSYNC-er was undergoing an M.R.I. Monday afternoon to determine if his ankle is broken.

In perhaps even bigger news, Lance also told MTV News that it was his French toast, not Justin Timberlake's, that fetched over a grand on eBay over the weekend. The top bidder on Lance's leftover breakfast is 19-year-old Kathy Summers, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, who will pay $1,025 for what her disapproving mom is calling, "a dried up piece of toast."

Summers told MTV News on Monday that she plans to dry-freeze the French toast and

keep the 'NSYNC preserved-for-posterity breakfast in her bedroom. When asked why she spent so much bread for, well, old bread, Kathy replied, "I just wanted a piece of them."

'NSYNC management has offered Kathy tickets to see the guys perform in either Minnesota or Illinois as the group's special guest. Her $1,025 bid, plus a matching donation from New York radio's Z100 (which auctioned off the old bread), will be donated to 'NSYNC's favorite charity.

As for the current condition of the French toast, a Z100 spokesman described it as being "not moldy, but hard as a rock."