Mya On Her Hidden Tap-Dancing Talent

Since she was originally hired as just a back-up singer for Pras, hip-hop sprite Mya was never scheduled to have her own performing slot on the current Smokin' Grooves Tour.

Given the sudden success of her solo album, "It's All About Me," and her vocal contributions to "Ghetto Superstar," Mya has now been given her own 10 minute set.

Being a big fan of stage dancer Savion Glover of "Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk" fame , Mya says she's hoping to spice up her mini-set soon... with a little tap-dancing.

"Well, I started dancing when I was about four," Mya said, "and my mother put me into dancing school and I did every type of dance there is. And tap was one of the things I got into myself after I quit for a while. I saw Savion in the movie 'Tap' and I said, 'I have got to do this!'"

Fans can catch Mya and the rest of the Smokin' Grooves line-up when the tour plays Houston's Astroarena on Thursday.