Alanis Bounced From K-Rock Playlist Over Howard Stern Flap

Alanis Morrisette received some uninvited attention last week from morning radio kingpin Howard Stern, and the fallout is that listeners in New York may not be hearing that much from Alanis for a while.

Stern was miffed that Morrisette declined to be a guest on his syndicated radio show during her tour's two-night stopover last week in New York (where Stern's show originates from K-Rock). Last Thursday, Stern took that displeasure straight to K-Rock program director Steve Kingston calling Kingston at home to demand, on-air, that the station stop playing Alanis' music until she pays Howard a visit.

Kingston told MTV News that he's complying with Stern's wishes, for now, and called Stern "a very vocal and passionate" Morrisette fan.

The Morrisette camp meanwhile had no comment on the situation.

The incident mirrors a similar move that Stern made late last year when the DJ had the Goo Goo Dolls removed from the influential station's playlist until the band

agreed to perform on his show while he and other crew members danced around the band in thongs (see "Goo Goo Dolls End Howard Stern Stand-Off").

Meanwhile, Morrisette is gearing up for this Wednesday's Grammy Awards, where the nominee will perform "Uninvited" during the ceremony. You can catch MTV News' pre-game Grammy coverage live Wednesday night at 7 p.m. when Serena Altschul and Chris Connelly host "Backstage at the Grammys." You can also get up-to-the-minute Grammy coverage right here on MTV News Online, where we will offer pre-telecast winners, in-depth features, and red carpet interviews. We will also give you the chance to offer color commentary on the proceedings via e-mail, and we'll be posting your analysis throughout the night.