Megadeth Teaming With Van Damme, Goldberg For "Universal Soldier" Video

The unlikely team of Jean-Claude Van Damme, WCW wrestler Bill Goldberg, and Megadeth will come together Friday in Los Angeles to shoot a video for the band's contribution to the "Universal Soldier: The Return" soundtrack.

The band will hook up with Van Damme and Goldberg, who co-star in the upcoming film, to shoot a clip for a track called "Crush 'Em."

The cut is one of several new songs on the soundtrack, which also includes new material from Anthrax, Ministry, and The Flys, who will be covering Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train." Fear Factory, Static-X, Gwar, and D Generation also kick in songs for the soundtrack, which hits stores on July 13. The collection will also feature a piece from the film's score, which was composed by "Matrix" music-man Don Davis.

The film, a sequel to 1992's "Universal Soldier," is expected to hit theaters later this year. When the soundtrack arrives in July, here's what you'll find:

  • Megadeth - "Crush 'Em"
  • One Minute Of Silence

    - "Remain Calm"

  • The Clay People - "Awake"
  • The Flys - "Crazy Train"
  • Static-X - "Bled For Days"
  • Jact - "Magic #3"
  • D Generation - "Hatred"
  • Fear Factory - "Securitron"
  • Anthrax - "Fueled" (remix)
  • Ministry - "Eureka Pile"
  • Skold - "Chaos"
  • Gwar - "Saddam A-Go-Go"
  • Don Davis - "Target: Devereux"