Megadeth Try To Build On "Crush 'Em" Success With "Risk"

Before taking the stage in New York this week for a benefit concert and then heading off to Europe, the men of Megadeth have one other little bit of business to take care of... releasing their new album.

The metal vets return to record racks on Tuesday with "Risk," their ninth album for Capitol Records. By now, rock radio listeners are no doubt well acquainted with the album's first single, "Crush 'Em" {RealVideo], which the band also kicked in for the soundtrack to the Jean-Clause Van Damme action sequel "Universal Soldier: The Return."

The band, led by avid sports fan Dave Mustaine, originally penned the song in hopes that it would be adopted at arenas nationwide as a new sports anthem. So far, so good, as the song has been rolled out during NHL games and pro wrestling events.

"We're going into an arena we've never been in before, and

we've kept our integrity because it's still Megadeth, you can tell that," Mustaine once told MTV News. "It's still me singing, and you can tell that. I think the best part about it is a good ass-whooping song. It's the kind of song that I would imagine I would want to hear while I was beating somebody senseless" [RealVideo] (see "Megadeth's Mustaine Raring To 'Crush 'Em'").

Things should have a far more positive vibe when the band takes the stage Wednesday night at Concrete Marketing's 15th anniversary bash in New York, a show that will benefit the T.J. Martell Foundation. The show, set for Roseland Ballroom, will also feature Type O Negative, Puya, DDT, and Full Devil Jacket as well as an all star Black Sabbath jam session.

As for Megadeth, the band will kick off a European tour next week, and will then return to the States in October for a U.S. tour.