Master P Gets "Foolish" With Eddie Griffin And Traci Bingham

No Limit Records CEO and platinum recording artist Master P will hit big screens this week when the comedy "Foolish," co-starring Eddie Griffin, arrives in theaters.

The Grammy-nominated rapper/entrepreneur portrays a low-level gangster named Fifty Dollah who gets in trouble with his boss. Griffin plays his brother, a stand-up comic named Foolish Waise. The siblings put their troubled pasts behind them and team up to put on a comedy show.

Also featured in the film is Andrew "Dice" Clay and former "Baywatch" beach dweller Traci Bingham, who plays a waitress at Griffin's comedy club. Bingham spoke with Chris Connelly backstage at the Soul Train Music Awards about her next possible career move.

"For the past month, I've gotten so many offers to sing, to get a record deal, to sing backup, to go on the road..." said Bingham. "I don't know why, and I believe in fate, and there's some sort of aura going

around me in this universe about 'maybe Traci Bingham should sing.' What do you think? But if I were to sing, I think it would be a joke. It would be a comedy show, because I don't think that I can sing. I don't think I'm gifted like Mariah or Whitney, or Lauryn Hill..." [28.8 RealVideo]

As for Master P, he will be seen in such future No Limit films as "Hot Boyz," "Lockdown," and "No Tomorrow."