Massive Attack Licenses Track For Charity

Massive Attack has decided to license out a song, "Angel," for use in a commercial for the He/She fragrance after striking a deal with Emporio Armani to donate the band's fee to several charity programs.

Emporio's use of the song, which appeared on the trip-hop group's 1998 album, "Mezzanine," will raise an estimated $250,000 that will be divided between the British Red Cross and the Beira Fund, the latter of which is based in Massive Attack's homebase of Bristol, England.

The Beira Fund is a non-profit organization that is sending aid to the town of Beira, Mozambique for use in rebuilding schools that have been destroyed in the recent torrential flooding in southern Africa.

"The music that's used in ads is becomingly increasingly homogenized," Massive Attack declared in a statement heralding the charitable deal, "and the agencies are resorting to cheap rip-offs of other people's styles.

"This is not something we want to be a part of, but

if we can redirect the money to people that need it, then it's worth it."

Massive Attack is currently working on its next album at the band's studio in Bristol and has been collaborating with Lupine Howl, the group formed by guitarist Mike Mooney, bassist Sean Cook, and percussionist Damon Reece after they split from Spiritualized last year.

Since the release of "Mezzanine," Massive Attack has slimmed down to a duo of just Daddy G and 3D, as Mushroom officially split from the group last September (see "Massive Attack Loses Member?").