Manson Wins Right To Perform At Meadowlands

The First Amendment guarantee of free speech applies to everybody, even Marilyn Manson. So ruled a federal district court judge in New Jersey on Wednesday, sweeping aside an attempt by The Meadowlands, a major concert venue for the New York City metropolitan area, to prevent Manson and his band from performing there as part of the bill for Ozzy Osbourne's June 15th "Ozzfest" date.

The Meadowlands had claimed possible crowd control problems if Manson played, although that's one problem this band has never had.

Although Meadowlands officials were still mumbling about an appeal at week's end, Manson's ticket sales this year have been mightily stimulated by such ham-handed moralism in cities across the country. And if you've been keeping track, you may want to try your hand at a new game currently running on MTV News Online called "Route 666: Marilyn Manson Tour Game." It lays out the Manson band's U.S. tour itinerary,

and quizzes

players on the semi-ridiculous events that have happened before, during, and after dates in various cities. Do click in and take a shot. [To play, click here or go to News Headlines].