Rte. 666: The Marilyn Manson Tour Game

As you may have heard, Marilyn Manson has had his share of trouble on his latest tour. From religious protesters to government officials, it seems like everyone has tried to put a stop to the rolling freight train of demonic goth rock that is Manson's tour. We at MTV News Online have come up with a way to test your Manson current events knowledge, and to find out if you've been paying attention to our news stories.

You'll need three things to be able to play Route 666...

  • The first is the Shockwave plug-in - if the most recent version is not installed on your computer, click the icon at the bottom of this page to get it.
  • Second, you'll need to read the instructions at the beginning of the game.
  • Third, you need to put on your thinking cap, and click to take a trip down Route 666.