Manson Tour Troubles Head To Europe

May 23 [12:00 EDT] -- According to the British press, the hysteria over Marilyn Manson that spread across America the past few months has now reached across the Atlantic.

The band is currently touring in the United Kingdom where the group's concert in Newport, South Wales was reportedly unsuccessfully opposed, and then picketed, by concerned citizens (in a scenario familiar to those who have followed the band's U.S. tour).

In this case, the throng of 400 Welsh Christian followers was reportedly lead by a local preacher named Ray Bevan, who is the father of Carl Bevan, the drummer for the Welsh rock trio 60 Ft. Dolls. That band has been making a name for itself with a well received debut album called "The Big Three."

If you think you know everything there is to know about the band's recent controversial run through the States, check out MTV News Online's ode to Manson tour controversy, "Route 666: The Marilyn

Manson Tour

Game." The trivia game tests your knowledge of the band's hijinks on the road, and is available in the news area of The game can now also be downloaded from the MTV area of America Online.