Former Manson Guitarist Responds To Video Message

Marilyn Manson's former guitarist, Zim Zum, is taking the shock rocker to task for comments he made in a video message to fans on his official Web site.

As we previously reported, the guitarist was mentioned in a streaming video message titled "Part II: The Answers" that saw Manson question Zim Zum's contribution to his band (see "Manson Answers Fans In Second Video Message").

In a response issued to MTV News Online on Tuesday, the guitarist claims "Manson's recent comments about me are misleading, and require a long overdue dose of reality."

In his message, Manson addressed his falling out with former band members Zim Zum and Scott Putesky (a.k.a. Daisy Berkowitz), and said that he had given both a "strong foot in the door." He also went on to ask why, if the musicians were such an important part of Manson's band, have they yet to deliver any music of their own since leaving his band.

While Zim Zum

agreed with Manson's "foot in the door" comment, the guitarist called it "the lone accurate statement he has made since I left the band." He also went on to state that while Manson helped him get started, "I was more than qualified to be there in the first place."

He also pointed to his upcoming project, Pleistoscene, in shooting down Manson's claim that he has remained musically dormant since splitting with the controversial frontman. "I, too, could resort to referring to myself as 'Satan's latest and greatest surface bound musician,' but the music of Pleistoscene will say much more than any demonic reference ever could," the guitarist promised in his statement.

Zim Zum also took a few straight-up swipes at Manson: "I find it quite inconsistent, yet flattering and humorous, that the self-proclaimed '3rd and Final Beast' or 'Anti-Christ' would have ever been troubled by my behavior or by the process by which I left his band."

The guitarist also questioned how Manson's

cred holds up amid his success. "What does he have to validate his 'subversive credibility' these days anyway? A BMW? A swimming pool? A maid? I left that all behind to retain the idealism that attracted me to him in the first place."

The back and forth between Zim Zum and Manson will move to the record racks next, as Manson will deliver his new album, "Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)," on November 14, while Zim Zum is expected to unveil Pleistoscene in the coming weeks.