Madonna Remixes Hit Clubs, But "Evita" Video Is Missing

August 15 [14:00 EDT] -- One of the many casualties in the ongoing UPS strike appears to be Madonna.

As we reported yesterday, the now 11-day-old strike is putting a major dent in the music business as major chains are worried, and indie retailers are being hit especially hard.

Now word comes that the home video version of Madonna's "Evita," which was released last week, has yet to arrive in many retail outlets.

While fans are having a hard time seeing Madonna, they should be hearing a bit more of her in clubs soon. DJs around the country are just now getting copies of long-discussed but previously unreleased dance remixes of the "Evita" tune "Buenos Aires" by Pablos Flores and Javier Garza. [1.1MB QuickTime]

There are no plans as yet to release the remix commercially, but Madonna is currently at work on a new album that should arrive next year.