Madonna Illegally "Frozen" On The Web

Madonna's label Warner Brothers Records has enlisted the Recording Industry Association Of America's Anti-Piracy Unit to put a stop to internet postings of Madonna's new single "Frozen."

The track is scheduled to be released on Valentine's Day, but millions of fans worldwide have been downloading it from the web for the past two weeks. The track was posted by some fans who recorded it off the radio in Singapore, where advance copy was recently played over the air.

A Singapore DJ's voice was even audible over the beginning of the track, and fans who first posted the message said that they knew what they were doing was unauthorized, but that they hoped it would simply generate interest in Madonna.

Shortly after the Singapore posting appeared, a remix version of "Frozen" that had been broadcast by the BBC in England was posted, along with lyrics and cover art for Madonna's "Ray Of Light" album, which is due out March 3.

The RIAA says it's been working overtime

the past few weeks, going after websites posting advance tracks from upcoming albums by Pearl Jam, Eric Clapton, and Van Halen.