Madonna Talks About "Haunting" New Video

With her anticipated new album, "Ray of Light," due in stores March 3, Madonna is set to unveil the first video from that album on MTV on Monday, February 16.

Madonna's video for "Frozen" [1MB QuickTime] will premiere on Presidents' Day at 4, 5 6, 7 and 11 p.m., and will showcase the singer's creative union with Chris Cunningham, the man who directed the Aphex Twin creep-fest clip "Come To Daddy" [1MB QuickTime].

"It's not exactly a story line it's more abstract [250k QuickTime], and it's something that Chris and I worked on together," Madonna told MTV News' Kurt Loder while on the set of the "Frozen" shoot.

Madonna said that while she was drawn to Cunningham because of his work on the Aphex Twin clip, but said that her video won't be quite as intense.

('Come To Daddy') is the most brilliant... isn't it

incredible? Yeah, he's really talented... I think (the 'Frozen' video) is going to be haunting, and a lot of his imagery is haunting. He has a very dark sensibility, but this is not a disturbing song. It's more of a melancholy... it's a love song."