Brian McKnight, Me'shell N'degeocello Sound Off On Similar Piano Riff

Spokespeople for Me'shell N'degeocello say they aren't all that concerned about Brian McKnight's song "Anytime" which features a piano riff that's rather reminiscent of the opening of Me'shell's 1993 song "Outside Your Door".

When asked about the resemblance between McKnight's song (the title track of his latest album) and Me'shell's song (which first appeared on her 1993 album "Plantation Lullabies"), Me'shell's camp said only, "Her music speaks for itself."

McKnight's people, speaking for themselves, said he and a co-writer composed "Anytime" long before Me'shell ever landed a recording deal.

While that is quite likely, the McKnight song wasn't copywritten until last year.