Brian McKnight On New Single's "Manual" Inspiration

"Back at One" is the just-released single from Brian McKnight, and even though the song channels many of the classic "man in love" themes of R&B music, McKnight says the inspiration actually came while moving into his new house.

On the surface, "Back at One" is told from the perspective of a man recounting the steps he went through to get to a certain point in the relationship with his beloved. But in a recent interview with the MTV Radio Network, McKnight says he actually thought of the song while putting together his entertainment system.

"I just bought a new house," McKnight said, "and I'm putting together my media room. There were components everywhere. I paid a guy to come in and wire everything. And I am reading one of the manuals, and it's like, 'Okay, step one, do this. Step two. Now if this happens, you do this. Then repeat steps…' And I was like, 'Wow, I need to write a song with

this concept.'" [RealVideo]

"And I cannot remember actually writing the song," he continued. "Sometimes it comes so fast, it just sort of happens, and the music and everything just comes together, and that's 'Back at One.' I wish I could say, 'I was so in love [when I wrote the song].'"

Brian McKnight's new album, "Back at One," is due in stores September 21.