Primus Enlists Fred Durst, James Hetfield, Tom Morello, Others For New Album

Primus has already begun work on its next album, and the band has lined up a roster of collaborators for the effort that includes Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, Tom Waits, "South Park" co-creator Matt Stone, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello, and both Metallica guitarists.

"It's sort of an ensemble piece," Primus bassist/vocalist Les Claypool told MTV News of the album during one of the band's stops on this summer's Ozzfest tour. "We haven't worked with a producer really in the history of Primus. We did an EP last year with Toby Wright, but we haven't really come across anybody that we've gelled with or that artistically was able to take us in different places. We came up with the concept of working with various artists and producers that we really respect, so this album we had Tom Morello produce and play on a few tracks, Fred Durst produced a track, Stewart Copeland produced a track,

Tom Waits produced and played on a track. We have [Tricky vocalist] Martina singing on a couple of tracks. James Hetfield and (ex-Faith No More guitarist) Jim Martin played together on a track, which is amazing. It's just a wall of guitar. Kirk Hammett played on a track. Mark Osegueda, the old Death Angel singer, has a group called Swarm, he sang on a track, so it's sort of an ensemble piece. Actually, it's pretty exciting. I'm getting rough mixes now while I'm out on the road, and it's some pretty wild s**t going on." [RealAudio]

Speaking specifically about what each artist has brought to the mix, Claypool noted, "Tom Morello was incredible. That guy's one of the most incredible musicians I have ever played with in my life, and he's a smart guy, a very intelligent guy. The whole experience was amazing. Fred Durst got in there and he was like a cheerleader."

So far,

Claypool said

that the album is carrying the working title "Anti-Pop," and that he hopes to have it in stores in August. While the roster of co-conspirators that Primus put together is impressive, the band didn't get everyone it wanted for the album. Still, the group isn't complaining.

"We approached people like Roger Waters and Peter Gabriel and David Byrne and Danny Elfman... all these different people, and we were surprised how interested these people were in working with us," Claypool said. "Danny really wanted to do a track with us, but he's working on two films right now. He couldn't do it. Stewart Copeland was there and ready to do it, and that was amazing. It was like working with [Beatles' producer] George Martin or something. I got to jam with Stewart Copeland... it was amazing." [RealAudio]


the fruits of these

new partnerships emerge on the new Primus album, the band will hit the following cities as part of Ozzfest '99:

  • 6/2 - Charlotte, NC @ Blockbuster Pavilion
  • 6/4 - Washington, DC @ Nissan Pavilion
  • 6/6 - Philadelphia, PA @ Entertainment Center
  • 6/8 - Holmdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Center
  • 6/10 - Holmdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Center
  • 6/12 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Starlake Amphitheater
  • 6/14 - Columbus, OH @ Polaris Amphitheater
  • 6/16 - Mansfield, MA @ Great Wood Amphitheater
  • 6/18 - Mansfield, MA @ Great Wood Amphitheater
  • 6/19 - Hartford, CT @ Meadows Music Theater
  • 6/25 - Detroit, MI @ Pine Knob Amphitheater
  • 6/27 - Detroit, MI @ Pine Knob Amphitheater
  • 6/29 - Indianapolis, IN @ Deer Creek Amphitheater
  • 7/1 - Minneapolis, MN @ Float-ride Amphitheater
  • 7/3 - Milwaukee, WI @ Alpine Valley
  • 7/5 - Chicago, IL @ World Music Theater
  • 7/7 - St. Louis, MO @ Riverport Amphitheater
  • 7/9 - Kansas City, MO @ Sandstone Amphitheater
  • 7/11

    - San Antonio, TX @ Retama Park

  • 7/13 - Dallas, TX @ Starplex Amphitheater
  • 7/16 - Vancouver, BC @ Thunderbird
  • 7/18 - Seattle, WA @ The Gorge
  • 7/20 - San Francisco, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheater
  • 7/22 - Phoenix, AZ @ Desert Sky Amphitheater
  • 7/24 - San Bernadino, CA @ Blockbuster Pavilion