Sean Lennon Gets "Into The Sun"

Sean Lennon, who will play next month's Tibetan Freedom Concert in Washington, DC, releases his debut solo album, "Into the Sun" on May 19.

"Sun" was produced by Sean's girlfriend and Cibo Matto bandmate, Yuka Honda, who also played keyboards on half the album, and when you're the son of a late Beatle, selecting your first single is a pretty important choice, and in an interview with MTV News, Lennon talked about why he picked the track "Home" [400k QuickTime].

"I think we chose that song," Lennon said, "because it's poppy, but it's not too poppy, and it's alternative, but it's not too alternative. We didn't want to come out with the most kind of glistening pop song first because we thought that might be damaging to my long term career, so we wanted to find a song that was pop, but not too much in that direction, so that people wouldn't kind of misunderstand where I'm coming from.

"Because I'm not really just a pop artist,

I'm more weird than that, but I think it was also one of the strongest songs on the record, so it seemed like an appropriate way to begin" [350k QuickTime].