Sean Lennon Ready For Cibo Matto Road Duties; Has Rammstein, Manson In Mind For Next LP

After garnering (mostly) favorable critical reviews for his 1998 solo debut, "Into the Sun," famous progeny Sean Lennon is getting ready to head out on the road as part of Cibo Matto, the group in which he plays bass.

Lennon elevated from touring-member status in Cibo, which was founded back in 1994 by Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori, to a more permanent position after the release of the EP "Super Relax." His long-standing relationship with Honda has also contributed to his ongoing association with the group.

Cibo Matto will release its much-anticipated sophomore album, "Stereotype A," on June 8, although Lennon said he's already formulating ideas for his own second record.

MTV caught up with Lennon in New York City after he attended last week's press conference announcing the line-up for the 1999 Tibetan Freedom Concerts, and he talked about which artists are currently inspiring the material for his next album.

"I want to include [the sound

of] Rammstein," Lennon said. "Rammstein is one of my biggest influences now, basically. And Marilyn Manson. [My second record] is gonna be a kind of gory, horror-flick type thing." [28.8 RealVideo]

Lennon said his next solo album wouldn't be released via Grand Royal Records until next year, as he is hoping to spend the rest of 1999 touring with Cibo Matto.