Korn's Davis, Weiland To Appear On Next Limp Bizkit Album

The "Faith"-covering hip-hop/metal outfit will boast one track on its sophomore album that features guest vocals from both Davis and Weiland. As we first reported last month (see "Limp Bizkit Looks To Coach Weiland For Help On Album"), Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has been seeking vocal advice from the newly-mohawked Weiland, who will turn up elsewhere on the as-yet-untitled album as well.

The band also hopes that Eminem and Method Man will turn up on the album, though they have not yet recorded anything for the album.

When Limp's next opus arrives, it is expected to contain 13 tracks, the music for which was recorded in a Los Angeles studio with producer Terry Date. Though Durst still has some vocals to lay down, and DJ Lethal has a few touches to add, the follow-up to "Three Dollar Bill Y'all" should be out this April.