DJ Keoki Tells You What To Expect From Electronic Tours

August 8 [14:00 EDT] -- Electronic dance music is coming of age on the concert scene, with three separate tours devoted to the form kicking off in the very near future.

The Big Top Tour, which launches in Chicago on August 27, will feature Moby, 808 State, Groove-Rider, and Loop Guru, along with a number of DJs, including Aphex Twin.

Meanwhile, San Diego, California will host the kick off of the Electric Highway tour on August 15 with Crystal Method, Uber-Zone, and Herb Legowitz of Gus Gus in tow. The tour will also feature DJ Keoki on two dates as he pushes his debut album, "Ego Trip."

Keoki, who rose up out of the New York club Limelight, will be weighing in on dates in Houston on August 21, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on August 28.

"I'm the Pied Piper as far as I'm concerned when I'm playing," Keoki told MTV News of his apparently immense appeal. "You know, I've put myself

up there. You've paid your admittance. You've come to be satisfied. [1MB QuickTime] I prove and say to myself and to you 'I'm going to do it for you.' I can call myself whatever I like, I can wear whatever I like, I can be who I want to be. I'd like to be able to be a shaggy carpet to you, dancing on bare feet."

DJ Keoki will also join Gus Gus, Carl Cox, Cirrus, Doc Marten, and Omar Santana on the Moonshine Over America tour, which hits the road in Los Angeles on September 25.