Juvenile On The "Bounce Sound"

Rapper Juvenile and his New Orleans-based Cash Money crew have been leading a full-scale assault on the charts as of late with a series of Southern-flavored hits.

Juvenile was the first of the bunch to hit it big; his album, "400 Degreez," still hovers near the top of the charts nearly a year after its release (see "Juvenile Cracks The Top Ten").

As he recently told MTV News' Chris Connelly, one reason his album and current single, "Back That Thang Up," are so popular is because they incorporate the "bounce sound," which Juvenile says he invented.

"I'm still doing it. That's really what 'Back That Thang Up' is, that's bouncing," Juvenile told Connelly. "That's why it's so successful. Because everybody know that I invented it at a very young age. Sometimes I tend to go back and mess with it a little bit. I'm using that since it's

mine, can't nobody take it from me. I'm always gonna use that. That's just me. I am bounce." [RealVideo]

"400 Degreez" will be at number 12 on next week's "Billboard" album chart; the LP has been certified double platinum for sales in excess of two million copies.

Meanwhile the Hot Boys, a hip-hop crew that includes Juvenile along with B.G., Lil' Wayne, and Turk, will be at number 30 on next week's "Billboard" album chart; that record has been certified gold for sales of more than 500,000 (see "Hot Boys Scorch Charts With Top 5 Debut").

Juvenile is slated to perform "Back That Thang Up" on "The Chris Rock Show" on October 8. Meanwhile, Juvenile and the other members of the Cash Money family will be kicking off the "Ghetto Love" tour next month.