Montell Jordan Adds Some Wham! To Dave Koz's "Dance"

Montell Jordan is one busy guy lately: he's preparing to release his next album, "Get It On Tonight..."; then there's his job as host of TV's "Motown Live," which occupies a good chunk of his schedule as well. He seems to have enough free time to appear on other people's albums, however.

Jordan is one of the guests, along with Luther Vandross and Burt Bacharach, appearing on jazz saxophonist Dave Koz's new album, "The Dance." Jordan covers the Wham!/George Michael hit "Careless Whisper" on that record, and he told the MTV Radio Network that he's pleased with the way the song came out.

"If George Michael has an opportunity to hear this, I honestly feel like he will feel -- and this, of course, is my opinion -- but I truly feel like he would hear this and feel like this is a nice tribute to his work," said Jordan.

"I would only cover someone's material if it were a tribute to them and to

what they have created," he continued. "And not only that. If I couldn't do a song and try and make it as good as the artist that originally did it, I wouldn't touch it. I would never devalue someone's music like that." [RealAudio]

Dave Koz's "The Dance" album hits stores Tuesday, while Jordan's own "Get It On Tonight..." will be released on November 9 (see "Montell Jordan On His Own").

-- John Gill