Jamiroquai: The Voice Of Godzilla Overseas

While the Wallflowers and Puff Daddy dropped the first two singles from the Godzilla soundtrack in the U.S., the rest of the world is about to get an earful of Jamiroquai with today's release of "Deeper Underground". The movie opens in overseas theaters later this week.

The official Godzilla website says that the Jamiroquai song is not scheduled as a commercial single in the States but it will be available as a promotional 12". In the States the monster soundtrack has spawned "Heroes" (Wallflowers) and "Come With Me" (Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page).

The song is accompanied by a million-dollar video that the "London Times" describes as one of the most remarkable (and expensive) ever. The video shows Godzilla's foot breaking through a movie screen, the theater flooding and frontman Jay Kay dancing and tumbling across the backs of the cinema seats.

The kinetic Kay told the paper that he found the Godzilla process restrictive and complained that the film's producers

rejected his original lyrics and requested a toned down version with an hour time limit on the rewrite. "They didn't think the kids would like to feel that primal fear, that Godzilla is a killer," said Kay. He added that the company would not allow references to Godzilla or, for that matter, any monsters, which he found strange.

According to Kay, the Godzilla excursion was a stop gap to keep their name alive while they record a new album. Jamiroquai will soon be recording at a studio Kay has built in his recently purchased country manor an hour or so outside of London. Kay lives alone in the 11-bedroom, 6-bath manor which sits on 72-acres complete with a lake with an island.

Kay told the paper he'll be inviting guests to come visit the manor and play on the new record and mentioned Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and Roy Ayers. He said the album, the band's fourth, was going to be "tighter and rockier and funkier," with some "light jazzy sweet stuff." It's tentatively

scheduled for release in March of 1999.