Janet To Go Interactive On "MTV Live"

October 3 [16:00 EDT] -- When Janet Jackson pops up on "MTV Live" on Monday, fans won't have to sit idly by and let Toby, Ananda, and Carson do all the work.

When Janet turns up on live on MTV at 5:30 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, fans will be able to throw questions to the singer via e-mail, and catch the proceedings via live streamed audio and video at MTV.com.

Fans should also be able to log onto "Yack Live" during the show, post their comments for Janet and the national television audience to see, and get Jackson's reactions.

In case you've somehow dodged the news about Janet's new album, Jackson's latest effort, "Velvet Rope" (which features her current it "Got 'Til It's Gone") arrives in stores next Tuesday.