Chris Isaak To Star In New Series For Showtime

Singer Chris Isaak will star in a new comedy series, titled "The Chris Isaak Show," for pay cable network Showtime.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming one-hour series will mix fact with fiction, and offer a behind-the-scenes look at the singer's life.

Isaak, who is executive producing the new series, will be acting alongside his real-life bandmates, as well as actors who will portray fictional characters.

The Stockton, California native, best known for his song, "Wicked Game," is no stranger to acting. In the past, Isaak has appeared in films such as "Little Buddha," and "That Thing You Do!"

He has also appeared in episodes for television series such as "From the Earth to the Moon," "Friends," and "The Larry Sanders Show."

His music, meanwhile, has been featured in films such as "Wild at Heart," and "Eyes Wide Shut."

Isaak told the Hollywood Reporter that the new series would center on his life, "only

cleaned up to make me nicer."

Showtime has ordered seventeen episodes of "The Chris Isaak Show," and plans to begin airing the series later this year.

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