Insane Clowns Happy With Their New Home

July 18 [16:00 EDT] -- As we reported on Thursday, the Insane Clown Posse has found a new home on Island Records, and not too surprisingly, they're pretty happy about it.

Three weeks after Disney deemed the duo's lyrics unsuitably offensive (giving the group a major PR boost) Island records won a multi-label bidding war for the suddenly controversial, Detroit-based act. To escape its contract with Disney-owned Hollywood Records, the Posse had to pay Disney about $1 million from its $2.5 million Island deal. But the group seems to think that it was money well spent.

"Island was there right at the beginning and we've been talking to Island the whole time, and Island was the place for the wicked clowns," Violent J told MTV News. "It's the new home for the dark carnival, because total freedom, no censorship, no nothing. I can say anything I want to, as many times as I want to, how loud, and how ruthless I want to."

"And for no reason whatsoever," Shaggy 2 Dope added.

"That's right, because we don't try to make up excuses of why we said this, I said it because it was funny," Violent J concluded.

Fans can decide exactly how funny these clowns are when Island reissues the Posse's "Great Milenko" album August 12. It entered the pop chart last week at number 63, despite Disney's recall, and this week drops to 92.